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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Belly Toes!

I was thinking about a post last night because we had a nice few minutes before bed. Nothing too special. Josh came home right as I was working on the bedtime routine, so after Jackson's bath we came downstairs to hang out with him. He ALWAYS wants the TV on when we are in the family room. That way when he steals the remote, it actually does something! LOL He never really pays attention to what is ON the TV, however. And, before you judge me, we are rarely in the family room. It's not like we spend all day in here with useless daytime TV on all day! The boys MUCH prefer playing upstairs in the living room-dining room-kitchen area! Anyways, Jackson asked to get on my lap, and actually stayed there while we watched a little Sprout before bed. This was my first excitement: snuggle time with a sitting-still Jackson!

I don't remember what made me start asking him about his toes, but when I did, he totally pointed to them! We had never seen him do that! We asked him a few more times and he did it again! I was SO excited! That was exciting thing number two.

We were reading before bed and Jackson usually sits on my lap and leans against me all comfy while I read. He drinks his milk and just snuggles--LOVE IT! He all of a sudden started squirming to sit up all the way. I had no idea what he wanted until he leaned all the way forward to kiss the pig in the book! Apparently, he desperately needed to give that pig a bedtime kiss! So cute! That was my third exciting thing, and all of these happened in a span of about 15 minutes!

Well, the cuteness continued to this morning. I was trying to toe trick again and then thought I would push my luck for belly! Jackson has been really interested in bellies lately, Ours, his, James's... So, I said, "Jackson, where is your belly?" He immediately pulled up his shirt and showed me his belly! The look on his face was completely adorable too! After a few takes, I got this great video showing of Jackson showing his belly and toes :)

***Please ignore my voice! I wonder if I could get someone to do my voice overs for me...

1 comment:

Katie said...

Cute video Dana!! I hate that my voice is in all the video's I take too! Let me know if you find someone good for voice overs ;)