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Monday, March 8, 2010

Day Tripping!

We had a super-successful last-minute day trip on Saturday! We drove about two hours to the Bridgewater/Waynesboro area of Virginia and made three stops. Unfortunately, I only thought to get the camera out at Gramma J's house. Trust me, Jackson was busy everywhere we went!

We drove right to Gramma J's in New Hope and after enjoying a long rest in the car Jackson was ready for lunch! We went out for some very yummy pizza! The soda machine was definitely Jackson's favorite! I have to say, however, there were lots of kids coming in for a basketball team get together and he loved making friends with them too! We went back to Gramma's and let Jackson play for a little. He loved showing Gramma his trucks, but his favorite thing to play with was the space heater. It had buttons, lights, AND sounds! Then we laid him down for a nap...hopefully... It turns out that he did not nap, but he had some quiet time for about an hour. Better than nothing! While he was resting, Josh helped with a few projects and was rewarded with cookies :) Mmmm!

From New Hope, we drove to visit Jeannie in Bridgewater. We visited her at the nursing home where she is staying while she recovers from a couple of surgeries. We thought she looked great and seemed to be doing very well! Jackson was content to hang out in his stroller and snack when we first got there. However, he finally remembered his favorite game of pushing around his stroller! I think he could do that forever!

After saying good-bye to Jeannie (and successfully finding our way back to the car), we headed down the road to meet Larry and Meemaw for dinner at Cracker Barrel. Aside from the huge freak-out Jackson had when he saw the really cool wooden highchair waiting for him, we had a lovely time! We thought the highchair was pretty neat, but luckily we had thrown Jackson's booster seat in the car and had a back-up option! Phew!

We left our house about 8:45am and we were home by 7:45pm, I think. Jackson was awesome! He ate really well and was great entertainment, as usual :) We are hoping that this day-trip thing can become a more regular occurrence!

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