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Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Almost-Two Trip Cont...

On Saturday morning, Jackson discovered a doll highchair my mom and I had found the night before. I brought it upstairs and made a big deal about Momo sitting in the chair, but Jackson wasn't falling for that! He climbed right in and settled in to watch Elmo! I'm not really worried about the chair breaking with him sitting in it, but his knees kept getting stuck in it when he tried to climb in, so we re-hid it until a later date!

Ever since Momo and Jackson's relationship started, Jackson has really enjoyed other stuffed animals too! We raided Uncle Larry's room Saturday morning and Jackson LOVED all of his animals! He especially liked the Beanie Babies. Mimi kept handing Jackson little animals and he would kiss them and then add them strategically to his pile. It was SO cute!

Jackson's new friends got to ride in the wagon!

Jackson and Paige settle in to watch some "Wonder Pets" before we headed to lunch :) (There are more cute pictures, but I'm waiting for Katie to share them!)

On Saturday night our regular sitter, Katie, came over to babysit Jackson while I headed over to Roycemore for my 10 year high school reunion and homecoming! It was a lot of fun, and I'm so glad I ended up being in town for it! It was fun to see some old friends and catch up on our lives in the "real world! "

Kristyn, Katie, and I won the trivia test for naming five different teachers based on some clues! We now have matching t-shirts :) (Again, there are lots more pictures from this, but they are being held hostage on other cameras!)

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