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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wagner Farm!

This morning, Mimi, Bampa, Jackson, Momo, and I headed to Glenview to visit Wagner Farm! We had never been here before, but driven past loads of times! Luckily, today was a much nicer day than yesterday--still a little windy, but there was some sun, and no rain! Jackson had a ball meeting all of the animals and wandering around. He greeted most of the animal by saying their sound to them! It was so cute to watch him get so excited to see real, live animals! First we saw the chickens and roosters. There were also some really big geese! Jackson was enthralled by all of the birdies and geese flying around! His love for birds developed this summer when we visited and there was a nest with baby birds on my mom and dad's gutter! He still looks for them, and he also gets really excited any other time he sees birds :) So, he ran around watching the birds for a while.

There is lots of farm equipment left out to see. Luckily,Bampa was our own personal tour guide and told us how they all were used.

Then we went over to see some horses, pigs, and cows. There was a big barn full of hay bales. In the barn we could peek in some windows to see the horses chowing down on breakfast--Jackson liked that! He also LOVED chasing the couple of kittens that lived on the farm! They were super cute, and Jackson meowed plenty at them!

Jackson helped Mimi pick out some mini pumpkins and gourds to take home--he was a good helper!
There was a wonderful swing hung from a big tree, andBampa and Jackson had a few swings together. Jackson went ANYWHERE Bampa went on the farm and checked out all the things Bampa wanted to show them. They are such a cute pair :)

We highly recommend Wagner Farms to anyone in the area! The best part is that the farm is FREE! WOO HOO!

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Looks like you guys have had some much fun lately!! I loved the photos of Momo on the plane! :)