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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mimi and Bampa's October Visit

Playing in a box. No explanation needed.

Hanging out with the pumpkins and Mimi :)

We went to the Mall Saturday morning. By getting there before the museums opened, there was tons of parking! There also weren't a lot of crowds. We walked towards the Capitol and then over to the Lincoln Monument. It was a pretty day, even though it was windy :)

Jackson discovered his shadow while we were walking by the Reflecting Pool. He mostly wanted to be carried, which is fine except he's getting so dang heavy! Once he discovered his shadow, however, he kinda raced it to the Monument. Phew!

Monday morning was the last bit of time we had Mimi and Bampa with us. BUT, when we see them again in December it will be for a nice, LONG visit!!!

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Anonymous said...

What fun! Love seeing all the pictures - especially with Jackson in the box. :)