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Friday, October 1, 2010

An Almost-Two Trip

Jackson, Momo, and I had a fantastic flight yesterday! The weather in the DC area was horrendous for most of the day with flash flood warnings and everything! I kept checking flights from DC to Chicago, and they were all leaving on time, if not early! I took that as a good sign, and sure enough ours boarded plenty early and left on time. Phew!

The flight attendants LOVED Jackson and Momo and I got lots of compliments on my well-behaved travel partners :)

We were even lucky enough to have a whole row to ourselves! So, instead of having a lap infant and a lap monkey, I got my own seat for most of the time and even got to read some of my book while Jackson watched a DVD :)

This morning, Jackson and I headed to visit our cousin, Beth, and played at her house. She shared the toys she had saved from when her boys were little, and Jackson had such a good time checking out some cars and trucks he'd never seen! From there we met Bampa for an early lunch at Big Herms--yummy! Jackson ate some chicken fingers and plenty of french fries!

Greeting Mimi when she got home from work!

Offering Mimi an onion he found while inspecting the contents of the fridge. What a silly boy!

After a trip to the Skokie Library, Mimi, Jackson, and I headed over to visit Beth, Lindsey, and Eric for a few minutes before meeting Bampa and Nan for dinner. Playing with the train track Lindsey thoughtfully set up in anticipation of Jackson's arrival at the Saxe house. He LOVED playing with the train and sending it through tunnels and over bridges. Eric was nice enough to share some of his cool trucks! These three really enjoy posing for pictures together, and Jackson was enjoying trying on a new pair of rain boots Eric handed down. They are super cute, just a little big still...

Jackson fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner and was such a tired boy when we got him up and situated in the restaurant. He did eat really well, but then he wanted nothing to do with sitting in his highchair. That is pretty unusual, but he was pretty tired :( Jackson ended up doing pretty well for himself when he caught his second wind. Mimi was kind enough to share her fries with him, and once Jackson had his fill he delivered fries to everyone else at the table. This was quite the cute game, and kept Jackson occupied. He also had fun clinking glasses/cups with everyone and saying, "Happy!" In our family we say, "Happiness," when we cheers before drinking. Josh and I did this one day with Jackson and it took off from there!

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