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Monday, October 18, 2010

Coffee! Coffee for Everyone!

On Sunday, Mimi and I took Jackson to Toys R Us to spend a little of his birthday money. We came home with this awesome coffee maker! Jackson was SO excited and made coffee the whole way home...while it was still in the box!

For a while now Jackson has looked forward to any morning we make coffee. At our house, that's only on days Josh is home since he makes his coffee AT work on workdays. Mimi taught Jackson the sign for coffee a while ago, and it stuck! At Mimi and Bampa's house, coffee gets made almost every day, which makes Jackson very happy!

Larry, my dad, and us got my mom a Keurig coffee maker for her birthday in May, and Josh just bought us one too! So, Jackson is excited about our new "real" coffee maker, and he runs between the two telling us to make coffee!

Filling up Bampa's mug with coffee!

Admiring his work.

Eagerly delivering a refill :)

Dogs drink coffee, right?

Even Momo needs a cup of coffee to start his busy day!

Jackson also loves carrying his coffee machine everywhere with him! This morning it sat and watched "Wonder Pets" with him :)

Between his coffee brewing and love of playing the UVa bottle opener, I think Jackson has a dual career lined up in the beverage industry: barista by day, bartender by night!

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