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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kid Swaps

This past fall/winter, Brandi and I started doing some "Kid Swaps" each week.  One day she would drop off Kaitlyn at our house and use that time to go run errands childless.  Then I would drop Jackon off at her house on a different day and take some time to myself.  It was wonderful :)  We took a break for the holidays and when Liam was tiny, but we decided to do it again for the summer!  Susie and I are also trying to do some Kid Swaps, but they won't be quite as often.  To kick off the new round, I had all of the kids over two weeks ago, and we had such a good time! 
 Jackson and KK started the morning off with some coffee.
Then we got out some bubbles!
The bubbles were really fun to chase!
A little ride in the Cozy Coupe
More bubble chasing!
They were so cute with the bubbles (and all morning, really), that I wanted a group shot.  Easier said than done!

We had a really fun morning!  Liam had a nice nap and the big kids had a snack, got some good outdoor play in, and then had lunch before going to their respective houses for naps.  It is SO nice to have this situation so we can all get a little time to ourselves.  Brandi and I are excited that we are close enough to each other to use the time to work on projects at home.  It is RARE that I get time all by myself in the house, so I'm looking forward to a little of that!  Yay for good friends :)

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