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Friday, June 24, 2011

Illinois Friends

We LOVE visiting with friends when we come to town!  We don't get to see our Illinois friends nearly often enough, but we really look forward to re-connecting when we get to!  My very dear friend from college, Kim, is getting married on July 2nd (this is what we planned our trip around), and Jackson and I were lucky enough to steal away some of her time this past Monday to meet her for breakfast!  We met at Eggstacy, and the options on the menu were amazing!  It was hard to pick--but we made some yummy choices!  Jackson helped Kim open her wedding present, and then Kim was nice enough to let Jackson play with some of her new kitchen toys :)
On Wednesday morning, Jackson, Mimi, and I met KK, Liam, Brandi, and KK's Nana and Grandma for breakfast at Walker Brothers!  It was SO yummy!  Jackson and KK thoroughly enjoyed their breakfast date :)
Liam had a grand time :)
Brandi, Nana, Liam, Grandma, KK, Jaxie, Mommy, and Mimi
After our breakfast, our cousin, Ann, met us in Highland Park to visit with Jackson for a bit.  He had such a good time showing her his cars and his current favorite book, Baby Einstein Let's Look.
On Wednesday afternoon during naptime, Laura and Maria came over to visit.  I had Laura in my second Third Grade class, and she just finished SEVENTH grade!!!  We got Jackson up from his nap just before they left, and he was really tired and shy at first.  But, Mimi brought out this super cute BBQ toy she had for Jackson!  Jackson warmed right up and grilled everyone some snacks :)