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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

For the first time since Josh became a father, we got to celebrate Father's Day WITH my dad!!!  We chose our timing for this trip to Evanston based on a good friend's wedding on July 2nd.  We were aiming to spend two weeks out here, and we decided to add the two weeks to the front end because Larry was supposed to be in town for a work trip on Father's Day weekend.  I didn't know if Josh would be able to get Friday afternoon off since he was then taking TWO whole weeks off, but he did and we ended up having two whole days with my brother :)  It just so happened that this also allowed us all to celebrate Father's Day together!

The guys all got to sleep in while Mom, Jackson, Pax and I prepared the morning celebration!  We all ate brunch together before the guys went golfing.  I made The Pioneer Woman's SuperSonic Breakfast Burritos with some cinnamon rolls and some strawberries.
Dad admiring his new mousepad and Josh checking out Josh's.
Josh got a new oven mitt for his grilling activities.  I found this at the Custer Street Fair that Mom and I went to on Saturday.  The guy had ONE UVa one left--it was meant to be :)
Father's Day high five!
A new wick-away golf shirt just in time for the day's activities!  It's purple because Josh learned he's a winter in Home Ec--it really does look nice on him :)
A coupon attached to a strawberry for a date with Dad to The Cheesecake Factory for Strawberry Shortcake--our favorite!
Jackson checking out Bampa's card
Jackson just couldn't wait for the presents to be opened so he had some fruit early :)
What's this?
A choice wheel for Herm's Palace to help Josh choose what menu item to order next :)
Dad got new whisks for his pancake duties!
Jackson is excited to help Bampa whisk!
Jackson ended the morning with a pillow fort for him and all his toys :)

The guys had fun golfing while we went to visit Nan.  Jackson got this super-cute backpack to carry around all his stuff!!!  He loves it!  Then we all met Dad, Larry, and Josh at Hackney's for dinner.  It was yummy, as usual, even though it took forever to get our food!  But, Jackson was awesome and kept himself busy playing with the toys in his new backpack--coming in handy already!

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