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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Visit to Meemaw and Gramma J

Last weekend we took a trip to Covington and Waynesboro to visit with Meemaw and Gramma J.  We left on Friday for naptime and arrived just before dinner.  It was a beautiful evening, and Jackson enjoyed running around the front yard.  We enjoyed sitting outside on the front stoop chatting after Jackson went to bed too.  We had some yummy Arby's for dinner :) 
On Saturday we hung out around the house, and Jackson got to play with the Play-Doh puppy set he had gotten a while ago. He LOVED it!  It comes with a plastic puppy that has different mold built into the ears, paws, head, and belly.  But, all in all it's a puppy, and Jackson loved taking it around the house and pretending with it. 
After a gloriously long nap, we went to visit Joe's mom and dad and then to the playground. It got pretty hot then, so we cut that short and went back to the house to get ourselves together to go out to Cucci's for dinner! It was SO yummy!
On Sunday we drove to Gramma J's after lunch. Jackson got some new baseball gear to play with! He was really excited with his hat, bat, balls, and mitt!
We were all thoroughly impressed with how well he played! Josh helped him hit a few but then tried out pitching, and Jackson hit the pitches!!! He took another long nap, and then we played outside some more with the baseball toys, bubbles, and the tractor in Gramma's yard!
We had a nice bath to clean up before going out to dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was another nice night, and we spent some time rocking outside the restaurant before getting in the car and taking a nice, scenic way home :)

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