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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mr. Potato Head Trick or Treats!

Jackson has been SOOO excited for Halloween!  I thought of the idea for his costume based on his love for his toy Mr. Potato Head, but he was on board right away!  He told anyone who asked that hew as going to be, "Tato Head!"  We bought him Mickey's Halloween Treat and started reading that on our beach vacation.  Jackson LOVES that story!  He was able to point out all of the dressed up characters right away.  Minnie Mouse dressed as a witch was his favorite! (For a while he kept telling me he wanted to be a witch!)  We also checked out How Spider Saved Halloween from the library.  Jackson kept telling everyone that I was dressing up as a witch and Josh was going to be an ant (like one of the characters in the spider story)!  LOL
My neighbor, Aimee, was SO nice and offered to let me use her sewing machine to make Jackson's costume!  She even taught me what to do--I've never sewed anything in my life on a machine!  It was SO fun, and Aimee was an excellent teacher :)  I'm quite proud of the stitching I did--we even added a tie at the back to enlarge the head hole and a ribbon at the bottom to cinch the bottom tighter!
  We started practicing the other day that we ring doorbells, say, "Trick or treat!", get treats, and say, "Thank you!"  Jackson had it down pat and was ready to go!
 Our first house was our neighbors: Miss Norah and Mr. Brian!
 While we were at the Walburgers' door, Jackson's glasses came detached from his costume :(  This was the right house for a costume malfunction since Aimee was quick with the tacky glue to repair the damage!
 Jackson had SO much fun, and lasted for a good portion of the neighborhood!  He loved seeing his friends dressed up.  I was a little nervous Jackson would get shy as the actual event was happening, but he said, "Trick or treat!" at each house and thanked them after he got candy :)  I was a little surprised that he didn't want to eat any right away as we were trick or treating, and he was happy with just one piece when we got home!  Excellent Trick or Treater :)
 Getting ready to share some Reese's Pieces!
The neighborhood didn't seem too crowded, but we did get a few waves once we were home.  Jackson stayed in costume and LOVED handing out candy!!!  After the first couple of doorbell rings, Jackson jumped off the couch and ran to the door to see the trick or treaters and hand out candy :)

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Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

Way cute outfit! Our neighbor's boys went as angry birds. I couldn't stop laughing.