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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Post-Birthday Zoo Trip!!!

 The day after Jackson's party was his actual birthday this year.  To be honest, we had a pretty low-key day--we hung around the house, opened presents, went out for a special Happy Meal lunch, napped, played outside, and went to the Yanceys' house for dinner.  This low-key day was necessary because the Birthday Boy Party Animal was awake from 1:30am-4:30am the night of his party!!!  We have NEVER had a night like that!  I'm pretty sure he had a tummy ache from all of the M&Ms he MUST have consumed...  He spent some time in our bed and some time just being unhappy in his crib :(  He finally fell back asleep, but he was a little on the touchy side all day Sunday...

On Monday, Susie and I decided to take the kids to the Zoo while the guys played golf.  Jackson LOVES the Zoo!  But, I think he gets SO excited about an upcoming trip there that he wastes energy.  The last few times he have gone, he has melted down WAY before I would expect him to.  It's so weird!  This time was probably still a bit of recovery from his party...  We had a really fun time, though, and the weather was GORGEOUS :)
 Following the elephant footprints on the way to visit them!
 It was a day of VERY silly smiles :D
 Doesn't Jackson look like such a big KID???
 Not the best picture of Jackson, but none of him were that great, so I picked the best one of me ;)
I must say that this was my first time visiting the Zoo without Josh, and I think I did pretty well navigating us around...

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Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

What a fun little zoo trip! We haven't taken the girls to the zoo yet... It was too hot during the summer, and I'm too big now. ;) Maybe this spring?