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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summer Reading Programs!

Yes, I haven't posted in many, many days.  Yes, I have actually had THIS post written and ready for a couple of months.  Ummm...sorry?  :)

Jackson participated in THREE reading programs this summer!!!  I LOVED doing these when I was a kid--our library always made theirs so much fun :)  I love that families are encouraged to involve their toddlers by doing read alouds.  

Of course, I signed Jackson up for the program at our local library: Prince William County Public Library.  The program was called Wild Reads, and he had to read 25 books.  Here are pictures of his log where I wrote down all of the books we read in order for him to meet the requirements:
Each week during Wild Reads, we were able to collect various Coupons of the Week.  The coupons were donated by local businesses and were for discounts at all sorts of local businesses.  The prize for completing the whole program was a baseball hat :)
While we were visiting Mimi and Bampa this summer, I went ahead and signed Jackson up for the reading program at the Skokie Public Library.  It was called A Midsummer Knight's Read.  The library looked fabulous all decorated in a medieval theme.  There was a large castle with a few dress-up items for the kids to play in.  After checking in after reading each set of 10 books (he had to read 40 total!!!), the kids got to choose a knight out of a small doll-house sized castle.  The color of the knight corresponded to a different section of the bookshelves, and one of your next books had to come from that section.  Jackson had fun playing in the castle, and coloring in his castle log page.   His prize for reading all 40 books was this super cute t-shirt and a coupon book for local businesses.
While we were in Evanston, Jackson also completed a reading log for Barnes and Noble!  Jackson read eight books and got a free Clifford book :)

I hope Jackson continues to love reading as much as he does, and looks forward to these programs each summer as much as I did!

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