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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Belly Report!!!

I'm keeping track of this pregnancy in a second copy of The Belly Book, and thought I would make my posts about this pregnancy a series called The Belly Report :)

We were in our 5th week when we found out we were pregnant: Tuesday, October 2nd!  I was SOOO excited to see the two pink lines show up on the test.  I was really nervous taking the test because I wanted it to be positive SOOO badly!  I felt such a sense of peace once I knew it was positive :)  It was so fun to take the test with Josh home when we found out we were pregnant with Jackson, but I NEEDED to know, and I knew taking the test first thing in the morning would be more reliable, so I did it on my own and then called Josh--he was equally as excited :D

I had suspected we might be pregnant while we were at the beach, but I didn't want to dwell on it and then remember the vacation as "the vacation when we thought we were pregnant..."  I had two very slight bouts of nausea during dinner two nights.  That was weird.  I also was really clumsy and dropping lots of stuff which was a pregnancy symptom with Jackson. Turns out my gut was right!!!

Post where we announced our pregnancy AND started this blog: Super Pregnant!

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