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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin-ing 2011!

We LOVE our Fall tradition of visiting Cox Farms!  We have gone there in 2009 and 2010.  (I like looking back at the pictures from the previous years, so I thought I'd share the links!)  I really enjoy that this is usually right around Jackson's birthday, so that's a fun perk!
 We were a bit rushed for time, but we still had a great visit!  Of course, the giant slides were our favorite activity :)  Jackson didn't want to go by himself just yet, but he LOVED riding with Josh and me (mostly Josh)!  Josh taught Jackson how to stick his hands up in the air as he slid down, so that was fun to watch!
 Nothing like a tongue slide...
 I think I was definitely the most excited one to visit Goat Village, BUT I remembered how much Jackson loved the goats before!  We also had talked about how he could feed them a snack in an ice cream cone.  He was really excited about that and talked about it a lot before-hand, but I wasn't going to be surprised if he got shy once we were there.  NOPE!  He held the cone like a pro and let the goats eat out of it.  We spread the food around for a few different goats...  We also were encouraged to feed the goats through the fence and then go in without food because the goats had been a bit aggressive that day...  Thanks for the warning!  
 Jackson especially loved the baby goats.  He really liked this little guy:
 Jackson was so brave and even climbed up on the goat bridge to visit a few of them!
 As usual, Jackson loved getting samples of apples and apple cider.  We thought this pumpkin guy was cute :)
 Carrying his sack all by himself!
 In line to go down THE big slide!!!  Doesn't he look SOOO old here???
 LOVE this picture!!!
 Jackson was so excited that this cow was accessible for petting :)
 Not a great picture, but proof that Mommy did ride some slides!
 I am SO glad I was able to capture this sign, the goat bridge, and the goat while Jackson and Josh slid under it!
 There was a fun station that we had never seen before (or was new?) with different farm chore activities to try.  Jackson was pretty good at pumping water!
 Scarecrow Jackson :)
 What is with the goofy smile???  Check out the HUGE pumpkins!

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Allison said...

That picture of you and Jackson is beautiful, Dana! I love it!

(P.S. The ones of Josh are okay, too. :P)