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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Belly Report: Big and Mean Part 2

This is not a big and mean situation, but it is the first big crying breakdown I had this time around, so I thought I'd match it up with the first one from our first pregnancy: Big and Mean

On Sunday I was up in Jackson's room deciding whether or not his new big boy bed needed another coat of paint.  I forgot what set me off, but I started crying once Josh went downstairs.  Next thing I know, he's coming back upstairs WITH Jackson!  This is the tricky part of hormones this time: Jackson has no grasp of what's going on with me!  He came upstairs with a piece of pretzel Josh had gotten him and he came over to me and wanted to know what was wrong with me and gave me hugs and kisses.  He also offered me a bite of his pretzel.  Him being sweet to me makes me cry harder and then I choked on my bite of pretzel.  At this point Josh says, "That was HIS pretzel!"  I started crying harder telling him that Jackson shared, I didn't steal it!  Josh was putting a diaper in the Diaper Champ and wanted to know why it wasn't going in.  I started crying even harder and told him it was because it needed to be emptied.  I asked Jackson if he wanted to go downstairs to watch some TV (hoping I could then crawl in bed for a few minutes and compose myself), but Josh offered him TV in our bedroom so he could snuggle with me!  I explained to Josh at this point that that wasn't helping because I was trying to distract Jackson so I could have Josh's attention!  LOL  That sounds so silly, but I just wanted him to hug me while I cried.  So we all went into our room, Jackson watched TV, and I cried while Josh hugged me.  In the end I was crying because I was thirst.

OY!  This is going to be a long eight months for some male family members... ;)

P.S. I just realized that these two events both happened right around the 8th week of pregnancy!!!  WEIRD...

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