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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Busy Year for the BETS!

We always try to see Auntie Abbey, Auntie Kelly, Auntie Dale, and Ryleigh whenever we are home!  This time was no different, and we got together one night to hang out and catch up.  The next twelve months are full of happy events for all of our families!  Kelly and Robb just welcomed their second daughter, Brooklyn Lois!  We are having a baby in June, Larry is getting married in August, and Abbey is getting married in December!  WOO HOO!!!  Plus, Abbey's married name will begin with and "E" (a vowel!), so we can nickname our little group: The BETS (Becker, Ehrlenbaugh, Tadelman, Smith)
 I love how Jackson makes himself at home with little girls' toys ;)
 Playing--Jackson LOVED the mailbox toy of Ryleigh's
 Posing with Auntie Abbey
 Ryleigh gets in on the action!
 Annual group shot :)
Opening presents!

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