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Monday, December 5, 2011

Wonderland Express 2011

 Visiting the Chicago Botanic Garden while we were in town for the Wonderland Express exhibit was on the top of my list :)  Jackson had such a good time last year, and I knew he'd love it even more this year :)  Mimi took the day off this past Tuesday and we not only got in for free admission since Tuesdays are free, but we also "checked out" a pass from the library that got us free parking!  Score!  We got to the exhibit a bit early, so we enjoyed admiring the gorgeous trees and wreathes that decorated the hall.
 The first room featured a gingerbread house village again (different designer this year), and four theme-decorated Christmas trees.
 I loved this little pretzel-cabin with the trains whooshing by!
 Once we got into the main exhibit, the Obama's Chicago house was the first replica we saw--it looks so homey!
 Da Bears!
 There were seven of these little elves hidden throughout the exhibit--I found them all!  LOL  I was a little too excited about that challenge...
 Jackson checking out the Chicago bungalows
Chicago skyline
Chicago Stadium
One of Jackson's favorite parts were the fake snowfalls that happened periodically!  All of the kids loved trying to catch the snowflakes :)
Past the main showroom, there was one large train set up around suburban Chicago landmarks.
I think Jackson would still be walking around and around and around the table following the train...
My new favorite picture :D
LOVE this picture too :)
Jackson loves spending time with Mimi :)

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