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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Marathon in Evanston Begins!

 Jackson LOVES spending time at Mimi and Bampa's house!  There are all sorts of fun things to play with!  This pinwheel has been a favorite of Jackson's, and this is an action shot of him trying to make it spin!
 The Buerstattes' visit to Illinois overlapped with ours for the first week of our time.  We spent lots of time playing with Kaitlyn and Liam (pictures coming soon!)!  We were thrilled that Kim came to visit during her Thanksgiving break from school :)  Jackson gets such a kick out of her and her fun games!
Jackson LOVED Kim's umbrella, and she was nice enough to share as we ran in and out of the rain a few times ;)
Hanging out with Uncle Larry

Looking very serious with Uncle Larry!
Michelle got into town on Friday, and Jackson LOVED playing with Michelle!!!  I personally love the way he says, "Michelle!"  It is just super cute, nothing in particular :)  First order of business was the playground after naptime :)
It was a brief visit since Uncle Larry and Michelle left Sunday morning, but we enjoyed the little bit of time :)

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