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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top Ten Pregnancy Statuses I've Wanted to Post Over the Last Three Months!

1. My willpower went downhill while I was pregnant with Jackson.  It never quite recovered.  Now it appears to be non-existant :(

2.  AH!  Pregnancy Brain: If I need to go North on 95, I inevitably get on the South ramp. If I need to go South on 95, I get on the North ramp.  And, I continue to routinely miss our old exit for Springfield when headed that way :(

3. And...I cried at a Folger's commercial...

4. This pregnancy brought to you by the pasta shape rigatoni!

5. First Date Night with Baby #2 on board!  Too bad our goal was to look up baby names and the best we came up with was Purplicious...

6. I DO NOT recommend planning and throwing a birthday party in the early stages of pregnancy...

7. Today I cried while folding laundry and watching "Ellen..." Justin Bieber was the main guest :/

8. Halloween is NOT the best holiday to have a pregnant mommy!  Poor Jackson's candy might just be in jeopardy...

9. Pregnancy Brain: a football schedule on TV listed a game in London.  I say, "Like the country?"  Josh looks at me with shame.  I correct myself, "Like the city IN another country?"  OY!

10. In the last 24 hours I have had an ultrasound, seven vials of blood drawn, a flu shot, a dental exam, and an eye exam!

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