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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week Four of Four

Everyone's first question about our trip was how Josh could take that much time off!  Well, he didn't: he had the week of Thanksgiving truly off.  He telecommuted the next two weeks and then the last week he was in Kansas City, he just flew round trip from Chicago instead of DC.  He has the best boss, and it all seemed to work out really well :)  The last week, while Josh was gone, turned out to be super busy!  Jackson and I kicked off the week with a whirlwind tour of our old neighborhoods when Josh and I lived in Crystal Lake.

We started out in South Barrington meeting Jane for lunch.  I had Jane's son, Alex, in my third grade class and Alex is now in 8th grade!!!  We had a GREAT time catching up and walking around the shopping center.  From there, we went to Elgin Academy to visit friends I used to teach with.  It is always SO nice going back to visit--I LOVED that job, and the people!  All of my teacher friends have fun stuff in their classrooms so Jackson was kept busy exploring these new "toys" while I got to chat :)

From EA we drove to Elgin to meet one of good, good friends from when lived there: Dana!  We hung out with Dana and her husband, Age, all the time--it was so good to get to catch up over dinner!

Unfortunately, I forgot to get out my camera very often this last week :(  This is a really cute picture of Jane and Jackson, however!
On Tuesday we hung out at the Huks, and Jackson had a GREAT time playing with Katie and Will!  On Wednesday, Auntie Cassie and Jonah came to visit us at Mimi and Bampa's house, and the boys had such a good time playing for the THIRD time this visit--awesome!  On Thursday we went to my cousin, Amy's, house and played.  In between all of these playdates and visits I finished Christmas shopping so we could celebrate an early Christmas with Mimi and Bampa!

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