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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February in Virginia AND Preschool Plans!!!

Not really relevant, but LOVE this picture of Jackson and Josh enjoying Cousin Amy's newest book Chopsticks!
I have not been very good at taking pictures, BUT we've been having a really fun last week or so!  The overall theme is how much we love winter in Virginia :)

Last Wednesday: We had a playdate with some new friends!  I met Sarah through my neighbor, Aimee, and she and I have been trying to get our boys to play for quite some time, but schedules kept getting in the way.  Her son's name is Jackson, which we all got a kick out of!  The boys had such a good time playing with cars and having lunch together :)

Last Thursday: This was the start of our streak of GORGEOUS weather!  I think it was in the 70s?  I opened the windows and got the house all clean!  Jackson and I got outside and took down our Valentine's and winter decorations and put up a St. Patrick's Day flag and window decals!  Spring, we are ready for you!  We met Rachel and her mom for lunch at Panera, and of course, Baby Levi was Jackson's date :)  He was so excited to see them, and he immediately started calling Rachel's mom Grandma!  LOL  He sure loves a grandparent :)  After a late nap, we spent the afternoon playing outside in the beautiful weather!

Last Friday:  Friday wasn't quite so nice, but we spent the morning running errands and crossing a few things off of my to-do list.

Saturday: We had the pleasure of helping Sarah surprise David for his 30th birthday!!!  The weather was definitely against us since Josh had planned to take Dave golfing to kill the morning/afternoon.  The driving range was out once the forecast showed cold temps AND crazy wind :/  Josh took his job very seriously and delivered the desired result for Sarah.  He and Dave stuck around the house playing with the kids while Sarah and I got out for a little "shopping at the outlet mall" (i.e. running last minute errands to Party City, Costco, Target, and Sarah's dad's house to pick up hidden beverages and snacks).  We came home to feed the kiddos and lay them down for naps while the guys left for lunch and bowling.  Josh cracked me up later when he told me he was taking his time and sitting down between each ball, and Dave sprang up right away to take his turns quickly!  Sarah got a text from Dave saying they were almost finished and on the way home about 4:00.  Josh texted me at the same time and told me to tell Sarah to ignore that text from Dave and they were going to play one more game and be right on time.  LOL  While the guys were gone, Sarah and I decorated, cleaned up toys, made some snacks, and tried not to be too nervous!  Everyone arrived right on time and we all waited in the backyard once the guys were on their way.  I wasn't sure how to interpret the look on Dave's face when he saw everyone, but Sarah said he was definitely surprised and might still be recovering!  The party was SO fun (as all Bascom parties are), and it was fun to celebrate David!

Sunday: Sunday morning started off a little rough due to my lovely hormones and accident after accident for me.  I was getting dinner ready to go in the Crock-Pot when I took a good slice out of my thumb with a large knife :(  I got that under control and off Jackson and I went to the grocery store.  Upon returning home I was taking apart some sodas and banged/cut my finger on the counter.  The third was less severe as it was only yogurt spilled on my sleeves, but it still got a big groan out of me!  We had our neighbors, the Walburgers, over for dinner, and Jackson loved having Ashely and Alyssa over!

Monday: Josh had the day off, and he made sure he and Jackson took FULL advantage of it AND the BEAUTIFUL weather!  I had a doctor's appointment that took up most of the morning, but Josh used the time to take Jackson to the driving range for the first time!!!  Jackson was so excited to tell me when I got home that he hit golf balls all by himself :)  I wish I had pictures, but I know this will not be the last time this little outing happens ;)  After Jackson's nap, we all went outside for a walk and to play outside!  ALL of the neighbors were out, and Jackson had SUCH a good time!  The current popular activity is climbing up and sliding down the skateboard ramp one of our neighbors has set up out front.  Josh started playing basketball, and Jackson was excited to "play hoops" with Daddy!  We played for about 2 1/2 hours and then came in for dinner and a little "Monsters, Inc."

Tuesday: We headed to Manassas with my neighbor, Hallie, and her girls, Izzy and Mary.  Our destination was an amazing used bookstore!  I definitely want to go back when I have unlimited time and attention span :)  We did leave with a few good finds!  We rounded out the outing with lunch at Chik-fil-a--always yummy and fun!  The afternoon was spent playing outside again since it was still so nice out!

Wednesday: Today we headed to storytime at the library, which is usually a pretty big hit.  This was the second time two employees from PNC Bank came to read stories.  They did a great job again--today's theme was Dr. Seuss, and they read some funny stories!  There was a coloring activity at the end and a fun goody bag giveaway!  Jackson and I spent time doing puzzles and looking for new books to check-out.  He also got more stickers to add to his page for the Snuggle with a Book program.  It is a simple and short program the library is running this winter: for each day that you read 20 minutes with your child, they earn a sticker to put on their special page.  So easy and cheap, yet so exciting for a three-year old :)

The most exciting part of today, however, was the stop we made before storytime: PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION!!!  Jackson is officially registered for preschool for the fall!!!  I am ECSTATIC!!!  He will be attending Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Playschool Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 9:30-12:30.  I started the preschool search a couple months ago and found a few in the area I liked.  This was the first one I visited, and I loved it immediately!  The biggest perk is it is only about 10 minutes from the house--SCORE!  Unfortunately, registration wasn't slated to begin until tomorrow!  That was later than the other preschools in the area, and I was nervous about them having a spot in the program we wanted.  I went in this morning to pick-up the forms (just so I could be prepared to hand them right over tomorrow morning), and the director let me write my check and turn everything in today :)  I am still breathing a HUGE sigh of relief, and am SOOO excited for Jackson's new adventure!    

 These pictures are from a week or so ago when the neighborhood kids (ranging in ages 2 1/2-12) had a parade taking their baby dolls for a walk!
 This then turned into "naptime" for all on the Wolfe's front porch :)
This was SO cute!  Jackson asked to go get Momo and laid him down for a nap with the girls' dolls.  I suggested he take Momo for a walk that night after dinner in his little stroller.  He LOVD it!  Then the other day we took a family walk with Pax, and Jackson asked to take Momo in the stroller again--he usually rides his bike, but he was so happy pushing Momo along :) 

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