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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Deck with Personality!

 I am SO excited with how we perked up our deck!  We got a GREAT deal on a patio set when we bought our Crystal Lake house, but it was pretty bland.  We conceded that we could always buy a new umbrella or new cushions to add more color down the line.  The cushions we had were pretty dirty and the beige didn't do much for the gray siding on the back of our house.  So, I went in search of new cushions, but didn't love anything I saw.  In addition to needing (wanting) new cushions, it also annoyed me that I had to go into the garage or basement to get the cushions whenever we wanted to use them.  We started looking at deck boxes, but they were a bit pricey, and not all of them were waterproof.  I thought I would solve the problem by buying a large Rubbermaid tub to store them in, but I couldn't find one big enough.  I wasn't quite sure what my solution was going to be when we saw these beauties for sale at Lowe's!  Not only were they reasonably priced, but they solved both of my issues: they are no-maintenance and don't require storage!!!  SCORE!
The second portion or our deck perk-up was buying a water table for Jackson!  Now that I have new chairs, I WANT to sit out on the deck more!  Up until now I've been more of a front porch gal.  But, I think it will be nice to sit out on the deck with the new baby while Jackson plays.  After MUCH deliberation, we chose the Little Tikes Anchors Away Water Play Pirate Ship.  Jackson LOVES it!  Unfortunately, it is a pollen table at the moment--I'm looking forward to when he can play in it with just water and not extra allergens...

We also have already eaten dinner outside more time so far this summer than in total last summer!  

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