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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Belly Report: "Just Keep Gestating!"

We are now 34 weeks and 4 days into this pregnancy!  I CANNOT believe how fast this all has gone!  We had a great report at our check-up on Monday--Jackson was with us and got to hear Sammy's heartbeat--he thought that was pretty neat.  Dr. Hibshman went down the list and said my blood pressure was great, my weight gain was good, and everything was measuring and sounding right on schedule.  She said, "I don't have anything else for you.  Just keep gestating!"  Josh and I LOVED that quote and that totally sums up our attitude right now!  I (We?) am (are) feeling pretty ready, but we are totally fine with Sammy continuing to cook and grow.  Jackson has started to ask more and more frequently if the baby is ready to come out yet.  I will say, "No, not yet.  He's not finished growing."  About three second later, Jackson will say, "How about now?"  LOVE it :)

I am feeling pretty good.  I feel like my belly is MUCH bigger, but that's ok--it's doing its job :)  I am getting more and more tired, but at inappropriate times.  Am I tired at 9:30 or 10:00 when it would be a good time to go to bed?  NOOO...that's when I get a second wind and start working on various little projects.  I am tired for an actual nap mid-morning or RIGHT as Jackson is waking up from his!  Not the best timing...  I got my heartburn under control a few weeks ago, but it came back in full force yesterday :(  

Sammy is about the size of a cantaloupe!  He is about 4 3/4 pounds and almost 18 inches long!  Sammy's cute rolls are developing as his fat layers fill out--these will help him regulate his body temperature once he's born.  His central nervous system and lungs are continuing to develop, but if he were to be born now, he would most likely not face too many complications.
After dropping off Josh at work, Jackson and I headed into DC to my friend, Kristyn's house.  We went to high school together, and we both landed ourselves out here!  Kristyn and her husband, Arturo, welcomed Baby Diego into the world at the beginning of March!!!  We finally got to meet him--he is so stinkin' cute!!!  Jackson loved checking out his toys and him :)

Flashbacks: Yes, We Cantaloupe!

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Kristyn said...

We made it to the blog!! Feel so honored :) Diego loves it too and we loved hanging out with you guys.