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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter on Talon Drive!

WOW!  I didn't realize quite how many pictures I took on Sunday...  Oh well, for your viewing pleasure:
We made up our own order for things and let Jackson find his Easter basket right off the bat.  He found it hiding behind the recliner :)
A new pair of ears!
An egg-shaped view-finder!
Checking out the rest of his basket...
This wind-up bunny has become such a favorite toy!  It wasn't that long ago he was terrified of these wind-up toys...
Mater and Lightning McQueen Wheelie cars to add to his stash :)
JAS Bunnies!
I read this awesome idea on Pinterest to break up a puzzle, split the pieces up amongst some eggs, and the hide the eggs.  Well, the puzzle pieces from this puzzle were too big to fit even in the jumbo eggs I bought :(  So, the puzzle went whole into the Easter basket--Jackson loves it anyways!
He sang the ABC song about a million times while doing this puzzle!
Josh requested sausage, biscuits, and gravy for breakfast.  I'm not a huge gravy fan, but I told Josh I would be happy to make it and even try it.  It was actually pretty good!
Josh's plate of deliciousness :)
Easter Egg Hunt 2012 commences!
Here's one...
...and another one...
...and some more!  
You get the idea :)
Checking out the Easter egg fillings (jelly beans and stickers)
Eating some of the filling :)
After nap time we had an Easter egg hunt that included four houses from our neighborhood!  The Bashores had family in town, so there were six kids from that house, Sage from next door, Callie from across the street, and Jackson!  It was absolutely adorable to watch them all come out to the front of the house and take off to find eggs--there were TONS!  I think all of the kids got quite the haul :)
Off they go!
LOVE watching these two play together!  Jackson and Avery are two years apart and such good playmates :)
Egg hunting!
They were SO quiet sitting in this circle opening all their eggs!  I think after the eggs were all emptied they re-hid the empty eggs to find again!

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