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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Belly Report: Still Cooking!

I took this picture today--we are 31 weeks and 1 day through this pregnancy :)  However, I am SO behind on updating :(  I am in FULL nesting mode!  I am constantly running around trying to get things organized, tidied, and put away.  In between, I'm actually napping, which is VERY odd for me!  Plus, the weather has been amazing, so Jackson and I are trying to play outside as much as possible too--phew!  So, rewinding a bit:

At 29 weeks, Sammy was about the size of a butternut squash (2 1/2 pounds and 15 inches long).  His head is growing larger to make room for his developing brain--awesome, since Jackson has a very large head...  LOL  At 30 weeks, Sammy was about the size of a head of cabbage (almost 3 pounds and almost 16 inches long).  The amniotic fluid will begin decreasing as Sammy grows larger and larger.  Sammy's eyesight is still really working towards full development.  And, now, at 31 weeks, Sammy is about the size of four navel oranges (about 3.3 pounds and just over 16 inches in length)!  He can turn his head from side to side, and he is beginning to plump up more!

I was about to type that overall I am feeling great, but there are a few big "buts...."  I have had a few emotional moments in the last few weeks, and I have this AWFUL pain in my lower pelvis (?).  It is so hard to describe, but it's like right in the center of my pelvis/butt/back, if that makes any sense.  Sitting is good, but walking is quite painful as is changing positions in the middle of the night.  And, I have a high pain tolerance... :(  But, overall, I really AM feeling good and am getting SO excited!!!  We have so many fun things to look forward to: the Conners are coming for a long weekend at the end of this week, a baby shower that a couple of sweet girlfriends are throwing, a fun girls' dinner out for my birthday at the beginning of May, and our annual zoo trip for Mother's Day!  Plus, doing all the "getting ready for baby" stuff!  I washed all of Sammy's early clothes, blankets, etc. this week.  Everything is clean and ready to go should he come early!  I have Josh's and my bag mostly packed for the hospital, and Jackson's bag is up next in case Sammy comes early before Mimi gets here...  In terms of other symptoms, I have also noticed I have become totally squeamish!  Loose teeth used to be the only things that really eeked me out, but now any injuries or even shows on National Geographic gross me out!  Weird!

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