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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome Conners!!!

Katie and Nick drove from Indianapolis last Wednesday night/Thursday morning to stay with us for a few days!!!  We had SUCH a good time!!!  They got here just in time for naptime.  Katie checked on Lexi and found her with a few borrowed friends she had pulled into the crib!  
 After they woke up, Jackson and Paige dove right into Play-Do :)
 Then they moved outside--it was a tad windy, but still a nice day.
 Their favorite game, by far, was hanging the golf clubs from the trees!  This kept them busy for quite some time...
 After Lexi woke up, we had snack-time on the porch, on the wonderful, borrowed bench-turns-into-picnic-table we borrowed from the Walburgers :)
 Jackson was SO excited to play with Baby Caleb!  He especially loved showing him all the baby toys we have ready for his own baby brother :)
The Handy Manny tools, especially Flicker the flashlight, were a HUGE hit, as always!
 We all had dinner (Pork Burgers, homemade fries, and fruit for the grown-ups, and dinosaur chicken, fruit, and yogurt for the kids), and then it was time to wrangle everyone for bedtime!

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