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Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

Josh drove to Covington Thursday afternoon, and he and Joe left early Friday morning for Nashville to watch Wake Forest play in the Music City Bowl.  They then continued to Atlanta to cheer on UVa in the Chik-fil-a Bowl!  They drove back on New Year's Day.

Jackson and I had a good time while Josh was gone :)  We did some fun shopping, some errand running, and had a date to Chik-fil-a to support the Hoos before the fact ;)
Jackson posing with his kids' meal :)
Mommy and Jackson clinking cups on our date!
 On New Year's Eve, our neighbors, Ashley and Alyssa, hosted a Noon Year's Even party!  What a CUTE idea!
 There were headbands to make...
 Hula hoops and jump ropes to play with...
 And lots of friends!
 Just before noon, we did a countdown and then banged pots and pans with spoons :)  SO fun!  We really love our neighbors and neighborhood!
 Later that day, Jackson and I watched "Cars 2" in the evening before bed and then I rented "Something Borrowed to watch on my own.  I showed Jackson the pictures of the past three years of his cute hats I made.  He was excited for a new one and I was able to guide him to choose the colors blue and orange in support of UVa ;)
 Happy New Year (at 7:30pm)!
 Josh and Joe drove all day on Sunday from Atlanta to Dumfries and Susie and Rachel drove from Covington to Dumfries!  We had fun playing in the afternoon with the girls, and then we all had dinner and hung out once the boys got back :)  The Yanceys slept over, and we enjoyed more time together Monday morning!  A rousing game of football broke out between the guys and kids!
 Running a play
 Rachel and Jackson had a GREAT time chasing and being chased :)
 Jackson goes in for the tackle!
 They got Joe!
 Setting up a play

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