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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Visit to Gramma J

 We went to visit Gramma J for the last part of Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.  We only had a short time frame when we did an early Christmas with the Smith side of the family, so we didn't get to visit with Gramma then.  We drove down on Sunday of MLK weekend and stayed the night.  We had a very nice drive down...until about 4 miles from Gramma's house when we hit a poorly placed pothole and blew out a tire :(  Luckily, Josh maintained control of the car and was able to pull off on the shoulder.  Doubly lucky, Josh pulled off on a nice, flat spot where he could change the tire.  The rest of the road was fairly uneven.  Gramma came to pick up Jackson and me since it was close to naptime, we wanted to get him home and settled.  Josh got the tire changed with no problem and was close behind.  After a yummy lunch and naptime, Jackson had a great time playing with his power drill toy we had brought with us.
 He LOVED lying on the floor like this to drill!
 He insisted on tapping each screw into place after drilling.
 Using the wrench.
 Snuggles from Gramma :)
And, yet more drilling Monday morning!  I took the car in to get a new tire Monday morning and then we all went out for lunch before we hit the road that afternoon.  It was a quick trip, but Jackson and Gramma have such a good time together :)

1 comment:

Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

Bummer about the tire. :( I discovered yesterday that our tire has a nail in it and is flat. No outings for us! Boo.

Glad you got to visit with your Gramma!