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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Belly Report: 18 Weeks (and Some Comparisons)

Ah, so many things are different with this pregnancy (yet so many the same)!  The #1 difference, I think, is that last time Josh and I diligently checked Baby Center every Tuesday and I sat down to blog about any new changes right afterwards.  This time around, Josh and I still diligently check Baby Center each week (on Sundays this time), but then I THINK about blogging until I have time to actually write said blog :)

We are 18 weeks along (in the middle of our 19th week), and Sammy is about the size of a bell pepper (5 1/2 inches long and about 7 ounces)!  According to the Baby Center update, Sammy is practicing flexing his/her arm and leg muscles--movements I CANNOT wait to feel!!!  Blood vessels are more visible through the skin and Sammy's ears have reached their final resting place :)  I wrote about how interesting I found the focus on the ears last time around (Red or Green, Part 2).  Still amazes me that they spend so long moving to the correct position...

Pregnancy this time is different simply by the fact that there is a three-year old demanding my time, energy, and movement.  Overall, I feel great!  I do get easily frustrated when I realize I can't bend in certain ways or play in certain positions anymore :(  Jackson has done a great job settling into the role of Big Brother To-Be!  I'm a nester by nature, but I can feel myself kicking into overdrive already (look out, Josh, there might be quite the list of projects headed your way...).  We have our appointment on Tuesday to find out the gender of this baby, and to, more importantly, see how everything is developing so far!  I CANNOT wait to find out if Jackson is getting a baby brother or a baby sister!!! We honestly don't care--but I think I'll burst if I have to wait much longer to start choosing nursery decorations!

I have also been thinking lately about how things will be so different with this baby since he/she will born at a different time of year!  For starters, Jackson's first holiday was Halloween--he was only a few weeks old! Sammy's first holiday will be Father's Day and he/she will be just a couple weeks old.  Jackson was EIGHT months old for his first Father's Day!

Halloween: Jackson (under a month) Sammy (almost 5 months)
Thanksgiving: Jackson (about a month and a half) Sammy (about 5 1/2 months)
Christmas: Jackson (almost 3 months) Sammy (almost 7 months)
Valentine's Day: Jackson (just over 4 months) Sammy (just over 8 months)
St. Patrick's Day/March Madness: Jackson (just over 5 months) Sammy (just over 9 months)
Mother's Day: Jackson (just over 7 months) Sammy (just over 11 months)
Father's Day: Jackson (8 1/2 months) Sammy (a couple weeks?)
Fourth of July: Jackson (almost 9 months) Sammy (about a month)
August 5th (Uncle Larry's wedding): Jackson (a good 3 1/2 years) Sammy (about 2 months?)--I am really excited about this trip--I think Jackson will find the festivities and a special trip WITH Mimi and Bampa (not just a trip to see them or them to see us) really fun and I think Sammy will be portable and snuggly :)

I am pretty much equal parts ecstatic and terrified to become the mom of TWO!  That sounds about right, right?  :)

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