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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Belly Report: The Big Day!!!

On Tuesday morning we had our big ultrasound appointment, and we were SO anxious to find out if Jackson would be getting a brother or a sister!!!  We told him after naptime, and then we let him tell Pax:
We could not be more thrilled to be having another baby boy!!!  Neither Josh nor I really cared if Sammy was a boy or a girl, but I had said from the beginning that I would LOVE to add another little boy to our family :)

We got a great report form the ultrasound!  We got to see pretty much all of Sammy, except for his spine and hands.  He was lying face up, so the ultrasound couldn't get a good shot of the spine.  He also had his hands clenched into little fists the whole time!  The technician was really great, and she did give us some time to get him to turn around, but she said based on how he was lying, it would be pretty unlikely for him to just flip all of a sudden.  We might need to go back for another ultrasound in a few weeks to check on the position of my placenta (it's not quite as far from my uterus as they would like), so the technician said she could recheck the spine and hands then.
 Cute little baby pose :)
 It's a boy!  As evidenced by the pointy object on the right-hand side of the picture ;)
 Baby feet!

I was a little nervous to tell Jackson what the ultrasound said since he has been saying he wants a baby SISTER!  We waited until after his nap, and then told him that he was going to have a baby brother!  He didn't say much then, but we spent the next couple hours playing outside and he told all the neighbors I had a baby brother in my tummy :)  Excellent!

This past Sunday, we turned 19 weeks along!  Sammy is now the size of an heirloom tomato (according to Baby Center, about 8 1/2 ounces and 6 inches long, but according to the ultrasound Sammy is about 11 ounces)!  Sammy's brain is working on developing specialized areas in his brain for all of his senses.  There is a good chance Sammy can hear us now, so we are encouraging Jackson to talk to him and letting him know that when we read stories, we are reading to his baby brother too :)

I am feeling pretty good still!  I am finally feeling Sammy kick on a regular basis!  Not surprising since he was quite the wiggler during our ultrasound :)  I remember LOVING this part of pregnancy, but I forgot how little the flutters are in the beginning.  Bending over is getting more challenging, and my back is sore more often.  I am doing my best to make smart snack choices and to drink lots of water--I tell myself that hydration can solve all sorts of problems ;)

We are not wasting any time getting ready to welcome the latest little Smith guy into this house: tonight we ordered nursery decorations, a new stroller, and the first two sets of matching shirts!!!  I also couldn't resist this adorable outfit at Target this morning:

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Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

Congratulations!! That is super exciting!!