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Friday, January 20, 2012

Three and One Quarter Years Old :)

 I don't even know how to start this blog post, except that I just wanted to write about Jackson for a bit :)  Even though he ups the challenge portion of pregnancy, I LOVE the added bonus of being pregnant and growing our next child while he prepares to become a Big Brother :)  He is SO excited, and really does seem to "get it."  He loves talking to Josh and me about the baby in my belly and talking to other people about the baby in Mommy's belly.  He retains information (too well sometimes) and remembers that my back hurts sometimes because of the baby growing or that I can't bend down certain ways, etc.  I think he is at such a special stage right now.
On the one hand, he is such a Big Guy!  He feeds himself, gets his cup out/puts his cup away in the fridge, lets Pax outside, feeds Pax, goes to the potty and washes his hands all by himself, cleans up his toys, sits quietly to look at books, watches "Big Kid" movies, walks for longer periods of time without needing to be carried, sings his "ABCs," counts mostly to 20, can identify all letters and is working on the sounds, read his first sight word last night (TOYS), takes off his shoes, puts on his coat, rides a trike, hits a ball with a bat, can follow directions to put things away or find them to bring to a different room, and I'm sure many other things :)  But on the other hand, he still takes super good naps (SOOO thankful for that), needs kisses for his booboos, likes to be cuddled and snuggled, likes company when relaxing with a movie, and just needs to be our baby sometimes.  He woke up partway through a nap the other day really upset (clearly still needing more sleep, but hysterical), so I layed with him for a few minutes and just couldn't get over his long eyelashes, chubby fingers, and sweet breathing sounds.  He seemed so LITTLE to me then!  I still like to peek on him at night before I got to bed because that is when he looks the littlest, and let's be honest, I'd like to keep him as little as long as possible :)
We are loving watching this stage!  Jackson LOVES Pax and cannot seem to get enough of him!  He always wants Pax wherever he is playing.  The pure joy that spreads across his face when Pax comes into his room with me in the morning is wonderful to see!  He loves to pet him first thing :)  He also loves to sit and watch (very closely!) while Pax eats and drinks--such a good little brother ;)  He STILL loves anything to do with transportation: helicopters, planes, trucks, trains, cars, etc.  He runs them over ANY flat surface!  I actually like when I'm working in the kitchen and he uses the island as his raceway/runway/train track/airspace!  He is showing more and more interest in songs (YAY!) and points out letters everywhere we go!  He now will say the letters followed immediately by "What's that spell?"  I am thrilled that he recognizes that groups of letters make words :)  I LOVE the fact that Jackson will take any toy he can find that is remotely similar to a character he likes from a TV show or a movie and pretend it's that character!  That is awesome since money does not grow on trees and the toys with the actual characters on them are expensive!  The first toy he did this with was a white and red airplane from the Dollar Bin at Target.  He has ever since pretended it's Rocket from "Little Einsteins!"  He has a blue/silver little car that looks just like Finn McMissle from "Cars 2."  Excellent!  He does actually have a small Batman figurine, but he has since decided he is a Super Guy like the characters from "Super Why!"  I am loving watching his imagination develop, especially since that's not MY strong suit...

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