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Monday, February 6, 2012


Last Sunday we headed into DC to the National Museum of Natural History to see some dinosaurs!!!  Jackson was pretty excited when we told him.  He immediately asked if they were going to play or talk.  I told him they would just be standing still.  He repeated that a few times, which was hilarious!
Family shot :)
That's a big elephant!  I love the look on Jackson's face!
Thanks to the Jane Yolen How Do Dinosaurs... book series, Jackson was rattling off the names of several dinosaurs!
Checking out the fish with Mimi!
Jackson modeling his new sunglasses from Mimi--they have Lightning McQueen on the sides!!!
Nuzz, nuzz!

We finished this fun day off with a visit to the library to play with puzzles and check out new books before heading over to Red Robin for dinner!!!  I have been CRAVING Red Robin, and it definitely hit the spot.  Unfortunately, Jackson's little cold got worse at dinner and his nose was just running all over and his eyes were watering constantly :(  A warm bath and snuggles cheered him up before bedtime.  He is still under the weather a few days later, and I just wish his little body would let him sleep!!!  He is in a pretty good mood, but his eyes look sick and tired, and he just needs to rest, but it's like his body is working against him :(  Poor little guy!

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