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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Belly Report: Almost 25 Weeks!

Of course the past couple of Sundays I have started the day with every intention of taking my weekly Belly Report picture on the actual day of the week when we move from one week to the next...and then I get distracted...  I took this week's picture yesterday, but am not getting it posted until today...  We are 24 1/2 weeks pregnant, and the weather was in the 70s yesterday!  Jackson and I celebrated by taking our update picture outside on the porch and hanging up some St. Patrick's Day decorations :)

This week, Sammy is about as long an ear of corn.  Sammy is supposedly just over a pound in weight and about a foot long!  According to Baby Center, Sammy's taste buds are continuing to develop and his lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree."  He's going to work on plumping up in the coming weeks, and his skin will become less translucent.

As I was looking back at the posts from my pregnancy with Jackson, I read a post about the first time I felt pregnant to the public!  LOL  This time hasn't felt as desperate with wanting the rest of the world to know I was pregnant, mostly because I started showing so much earlier, but I have noticed more people chatting to Jackson about the baby brother or sister he is getting soon (like when we are standing in line). That's pretty fun :)

Sammy is still moving around a ton, but it's hard to catch a good time for Josh to feel!  His kicks are really strong inside of my, but they don't translate on to the outside as well yet for him to feel him really reliably...

As I was cleaning the house yesterday, I realized how uncomfortable it is to pick up and then lay back down the bathroom rugs!  LOL  That is pretty brutal.  I also cannot comfortably sit in a chair with my legs crossed :(  And, I continue to count down the days until I can wear flip flops since tying my shoes gives me a bout of heartburn each time I bend over.  All of these are totally trivial, and I could not be happier to adjust my lifestyle and slow down for Sammy :)

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Popcorn Sam!
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1 comment:

Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

Jackson's expression is just adorable in this picture! What fun to do a weekly pic {especially with him in it}.

Not much longer and Sammy will be here!