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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Paxton!!!

On a cold, snowy Saturday six years ago (well, six years ago as of February 4th), we picked out Pax from a (then) local animal shelter, and expanded our family :)  He is THE best dog!  The proof is he wins over all of our non-dog-people friends ;)  Luckily Pax forgave us for his first traumatizing night when we thought it would be fun to go to Pet Smart since you can take the dogs inside!  Pax thought it was the opposite of fun :(  Anyways, we love our furry family member!  He definitely doesn't get as much attention as he once did, so we wanted to make this birthday special!  We invited our neighborhood friends over yesterday afternoon to celebrate Paxton's birthday!  The kids in the neighborhood LOVE Pax--he is quite the popular guy :)  
 I made some dog treats for Pax and cookies for the kids using this recipe:   All I did for the kid ones was dip them in chocolate.
 Even though this was just supposed to be a casual snack-time party, Paxie was a lucky guy and got a new squeaky toy and a box of treats!
 All of the girls (and Jackson) made birthday cards for Pax!  They were so cute!  And, yes, my dog even has a memory box, so these will all go in there :)
 Jackson and Levi--the only guys at the party besides the birthday pup!  Jackson LOVES Baby Levi--a sign of good things to come, right???
 After we sung "Happy Birthday" to Pax, snack time commenced :)
Happy 7th birthday, Waxie Bear!!!  You are THE best dog and we love you so much :)

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