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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Playground!

Mimi came for a visit this past weekend!!!  She got in before lunch on Thursday, and we did fun things like going to the bookstore, doing some shopping, and getting a fun lunch on Friday.  On Saturday, the weather was pretty nice, so we checked out a neighborhood playground we had heard good things about.  We all LOVED it!!!  The whole thing is totally surrounded by trees which seems good for the summer...
This little window had what looked like cash register buttons molded right on to it.  Jackson LOVED pretending to make us food and take money through the window :)
Getting pretty good at the wiggly poles...
Jackson's airplane face!
I am pretty sure this was Jackson's first tunnel slide!  He LOVED it!
There was a pretty tall platform with two slides coming down from it, and I knew Jackson could do them, but he just needed to get more confident.  Josh helped him climb up once, and then off he went!
Getting ready to climb the ladder up to the top platform!  I couldn't believe how awesome Jackson did just hopping down the tall slides and then climbing up over and over!!!
Dinosaur face!
We all got a kick out of this lion water fountain--how cute!

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