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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Belly Report: 21 Weeks

Last week when we turned 20 weeks along, Sammy was about the size of a banana (10.5 ounces and 6.5 inches long)!  This week, at 21 weeks, Sammy is about the size of a carrot (3/4 of a pound and 10.5 inches long)!  Since Josh was in charge of the first diaper change for Jackson, and will likely be in charge of it again for Sammy since I likely won't be able to feel my legs yet to get out of bed, he is THRILLED to read that Sammy is beginning to produce meconium...what will fill that first diaper!  Yikes!  I am SO close to Josh being able to feel the kicks on the outside of my stomach, but I am sure enjoying them all at this point :)

We went to the perinatologist on Monday and got another full ultrasound with special focus on the heart for a fetal echocardiogram.  We got a GREAT report, and it was SO fun to see Sammy again...a little older!  He was wiggling all around and waving.  The technician took almost 100 pictures of our little guy :)  It's amazing how clearly we can see the different parts of his brain, the four chambers of his heart, his ten fingers and toes, and his eyes, nose, and mouth.  And, this wasn't even a 3-D ultrasound!  We might need to go have another ultrasound so they can get a better look at his spine since he wasn't in the right position for that the first time around.  Our OB is checking to see if there are good enough images from Monday's ultrasound...

We got a good report in general from the perinatologist, Dr. Ghidini!  Unless anything else comes up, we won't be seeing him again, which is a blessing, really.  But, we really like him as a doctor, so it's too bad we won't see him any more.  You know?

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