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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Belly Report: One More Week!

Sammy is now the length of a leek (19 1/2 inches) and weighs about 6.8 pounds!  We are 38 weeks and 3  days :)  Sammy now has a firm grasp, and his organs are ready for life outside of my womb!

I really AM doing well still, but I think I'm starting to let down my guard since I know this will all end on Monday...  Friends have told me that it looks like Sammy has dropped, but I have just started to feel it.  So, he is constantly sitting on my bladder and making it pretty much impossible to bend over in any effective manner.  Even though he has dropped, my heartburn is still in pretty full force.  Nothing a little Zantac can't handle :)  I'm just still having such mixed emotions about my pregnancy ending and meeting Sammy, that I get weepy sometimes.  As if 39 weeks won't have been long enough to appreciate being pregnant--LOL

We enjoyed our last weekend as a family of three, and we are all anticipating my mom's arrival on Friday!!! WOO HOO!!!  I am not getting so cocky as to unpack all of Jackson's stuff that I've had ready to go in case we went into labor before my mom's arrival, but hopefully, everything is on track to go as planned!  Jackson and I did a lot of running around today to take advantage of some diaper deals/coupons and pick up a few other things.  Tomorrow Hallie is helping me sew an infant seat canopy to keep the sun/rain/wind out of Sammy's face.  Friday Jackson gets to play with Reagan down the street while I work on last minute stuff around the house before Mimi arrives in the evening :) :) :)

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