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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Jackson has gotten the hang of the weekend in the sense that that is when Daddy stays home for a few days in a row!  That's what really counts, right?  ;)  Not this past weekend, but the one before that, we headed into Prince William National Forest through the main entrance...  Our backyard includes these woods, but there aren't any official trails very close to us.  Josh and Jackson have gone trouncing around back there, but I am much more of a marked trail appreciator...
Last Sunday was absolutely gorgeous!  Jackson had such a fun time running in the woods and exploring.  In the picture above picture he is doing his Buzz Lightyear move--such a ham!
Daddy saw some great photo ops when we got to this little stream with a small waterfall, but Mommy just had a few heart attacks...
Riding the waterfall ;)
We took Pax with us too!  He loved all of the new smells--we will definitely have to get him out with us more often!

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