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Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Boy Bike!!!

 Jackson LOVES his trike, and he has only once said he wanted a different bike so he could go "super fast!"  But, we knew that this guy needed a bigger bike.  We finally made a decision, ordered said bike, and Jackson and I picked it up on Thursday.  Josh put it together Saturday morning, and Jackson got to try it out that afternoon--he LOVED it!!!
 Josh got him started in the beginning, but after a few tries, Jackson totally had the hang of it on his own :)
He was THRILLED to show his new bike off to Izzy and Mary!  Izzy just got a new bike the other day, so here they go down the street on their new Big Kid Bikes :) :) :)
Here is a little video of Jackson cruising down the street.  After this pass, we got Pax and took a walk.  Jackson did awesome on his bike, although he did get a touch tired at the end.  It was pretty warm out, and he must have been tired after riding up and down our street a bunch beforehand.  

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