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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fort Fun!

This morning Jackson declared after watching "Special Agent Oso" that he wanted to build a fort just like on Oso!  I knew this would be a wonderful Daddy project after Jackson and I ran to the grocery store.  Josh immediately jumped on this project and had the first prototype ready to go!
 Jackson pretended to be a turtle hiding in his shell for the first part of playing in the fort!  
 He was trying to stay in character so much so that he told me he didn't want books in his fort because turtles don't have hands to turn pages, they just have feet to dig in the dirt.
 This was our second attempt...
 Where's Jackson?
 Jackson LOVED playing in his fort!  He took his trains in there, read stories, and ate snack :)
This was the best attempt, followed by a whole different idea that Jackson can try out tomorrow...

Watching Josh build the fort and Jackson play in it made me think of when my dad would erect this crazy circus tent in our living room.  It was such a special treat to have it set up, and I remember Larry and I collecting all sorts of toys to bring in there to play with.  Such good memories :)

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