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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Talon Drive Block Party

We had an AWESOME block party a couple of weeks ago!  Our next door neighbor, Sarah, took these great pictures that I just had to share!
Jackson hanging out with Christopher--the only other little boy on the street since Levin was napping!!!  Oh, Baby Clay was there too, but he was napping for most of the time too :)
Hallie ordered this see-saw, and it arrived just in time!  Jackson LOVED playing on this with all of this friends--he spent the majority of the evening there.  He also asks to play on it ALL. THE. TIME!
Taking a little break with Daddy!  Jackson LOVED this yummy punch (so did I!)
There was quite the jump-rope exhibition going on, and Josh definitely made a good showing!  I think he even surprise himself ;)
This was the end result!
I must admit, I made sure to remind myself as often as possible that it was so nice to have just one child who was super happy as long as he was playing with his friends.  I cannot wait to meet Sammy, BUT I do know that once he's here, I will wish I enjoyed my time with "just" one child a little more...

Everyone had a GREAT time, and I think we are all hoping this is not just an annual event!  A couple people brought out grills to share, we all brought a dish or two to share, and then we just hung out in the cul-de-sac.  Aimee was BRILLIANT and sent her girls out with a basket of stamps and stamps pads to give "tattoos!"  The little kids were covered, and even some adults got in on the action.  There was plenty of chalk and bubbles, jump roping, see sawing, bike riding, Baggo, and general happiness.  The Wolfes were kind enough to park one of their cars at the mouth of the cul-de-sac so the kids could play in the street without us worrying. Jackson was wiped, and he went right down at bedtime.  As I was getting him ready, I heard Josh  come in and tell me he was taking his Baggo boards back outside.  The guys were playing in full force when I went back outside, and Josh even recruited some guys to carry our firepit and wood out front so we could share the fire we had planned for the backyard with the neighborhood!  People went in and out putting kids down to bed, etc., but we got a good fire going and enjoyed drinks, s'mores, and just relaxing.  It was SUCH a good time :)  We all know how lucky we are to have such a wonderful group of neighbors!  The adults blend together really well, but the kids (aged a couple months-12) also play so happily together!

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