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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Day with Momo

Jackson is having a great time showing his new buddy, Momo, around :)

Here they are sitting like big "boys" having a post-breakfast snack.

Watching the big kids in the neighborhood play with a remote control car outside.

Getting ready to go on a walk.

Watching the kids next door play a game involving throwing a stuffed animal out the window for someone else to catch.

"Giving" Momo a ride in the baby stroller.

Silly boys!

Sharing a story as we begin our drive to dinner.

Sleeping tight!


mom said...

Momo & Jackson make a great team -- is he equivalent to clownie? xo mimi

Miss Mommy said...

1. LOVE that last pic. Precious. ;)

2. Your neighbor boys must be pretty amusing.

3. The Malones are great fans of post-breakfast snacks.

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Hannah has a bear, Molly, that she carries around everywhere. It's so cute! Love little kids and their animals. :)