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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

San Francisco 2010: Day Three

We woke on Sunday morning and enjoyed a yummy breakfast of egg sandwiches that Becca made :)

Shortly after that, we set out for Morgan Territory Regional Preserve. It was about a half hour from the house, and we took about a two and a half hour hike and got some really pretty views! Grant was such a trooper and had the best seat in the house in a backpack that George carried!

This was the last picture Becca and I took together at our friend, Cassie's, wedding in July of 2005!

We had parked our car in the parking lot of an In-n-Out before jumping in the Langstaffs' car, so we naturally stopped there for lunch before heading out! This was my first In-n-Out experience, and I was not disappointed! The food was yummy, and to be honest, this is what kept me going at the end of our hike! LOL

After lunch Josh and I headed off back towards the city. Our plan changed many times during the day... Plan #1: Drive back to the city, check into the hotel, shower, drive along the Pacific Coast highway a bit, find a yummy seafood restaurant for dinner, head to Ghirardelli Square for dessert. Plan #2 quickly evolved as we decided to head out of the Pacific Coast highway first, then check-in and shower before dinner. Little did we know we would stumble upon Point Reyes National Seashore! We stopped at the visitor center and set out for the lighthouse. When we got out at the lighthouse area, the weather was quite different than that from our morning hike! It was windy and a bit chilly! We got out our fleeces, and jeans would have been nice... We walked to the lighthouse look-out point and the views were so pretty! Again, such different terrain than what we hiked in (obviously), but so peaceful!

After we finished up at the lighthouse, we wound our way back through the park and stopped at the area for Chimney Rock. We made it out to the point, but we think we might have missed something... It was still worth it since we saw tons of deer and a whole harem of sea lions (I admit I just Googled what the name is for a group of sea lions, and harem was the answer!). As we really started to leave the park, we stopped at South Beach, and wandered down on to the sand. The waves were really heavy--it was just pretty to watch for a few minutes.

At this point we moved into Plan #3: find dinner in a little town on the way back to the city, check-in, shower, dessert. We had driven through the small town of Olema on the way to the park, and we saw some possibilities for dinner. We chose The Farmhouse Restaurant, and it was a wonderful choice! The restaurant was very cozy and welcoming. Josh had a huge bowl of venison chili and I had mussels and clams in a delicious broth. We both were pleased with this change in plan since we can eat at the Wharf next time we are in town :)

As it was approaching 8:30pm, Plan #4 was set in motion. We decided to drive straight to Ghirardelli Square for dessert and then just stay put at the hotel after checked in. My how the day changed... :) Dessert was delicious, just as I anticipated! We FINALLY checked in to the Hilton San Francisco Financial District around 10pm. Phew! We were wiped out! It was too bad because as much as we enjoyed our day and all of the new things we saw, we both wished we had been able to get settled into the hotel earlier so we could really relax and enjoy it. If only there were more hours in the day...

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lovedlikethechurch said...

Sounds like such fun! Love all the pictures!!