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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Left My Heart in San Francisco...

The following list was borrowed from my blogging friend, Sarah's, blog: A Wife Loved Like the Church. Before she and her husband went away for a weekend JUST THE TWO OF THEM, she posted Top Ten Things I *won't*be doing this weekend.

1. Cleaning - I don’t plan to so much as pick my clothe up off the hotel room floor. I spend too much of my time cleaning during the day/week that I don’t want to do anything this weekend.

2. Changing diapers – For the first time in over 2.5 years, I will not change a single diaper. Bask in the glory.

3. Looking at the kids menu - No chicken nuggets, no grilled cheese sandwiches, no milk in cardboard containers. Only adult food.

4. Waking up early - Maybe this should be number 1? But I can promise I have no plans of getting out of bed before 9am.

5. Going to bed early - I’m not sure my body actually knows how to sleep until 9am. But I figure if I stay up until 1am it might learn.

5. Checking the time – I don’t want to worry about what time we eat, what time we go to bed or being anywhere for anything. {Except for our couples massage on Saturday. Yes you did read that right. Couples. Massage. Awesomeness.}

6. Cooking - While I love cooking, it’s nice to have a break and enjoy being served. Especially when it’s at a yummy restaurant like 112 Eatery.

7. Facebooking/Twittering/Taking calls - While our phones are coming, along with our iPads, I have no plans to use them. Well, aside from watching instant Netflix.

9. Driving a mini van - We are leaving our Swagger wagon at home and renting a car. We found a great deal through Enterprise with a coupon off eBay and have our fingers crossed for something sporty and fast.

10. Forgetting my girls - I think it’s going to be absolutely wonderful to get away alone with Jon for an entire 48 hours, but I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to be missing the Windhamettes something fierce by the end.


Pretty much all of those apply to me as I am preparing to leave tomorrow afternoon and meet Josh in San Francisco! My mom just landed in Virginia, and she is on her way to our house as I type. She and Jackson will have a fun-filled 4.5 days together while Josh and I enjoy #1-10 above :)

I must add a few things I am excited about, however.

1a) I love that everything in my suitcase if JUST for ME!

2a) My carry-on bag is not exploding with toys that I hope will not fall out during security and spill all over the floor (yes, this did happen to me once...).

3a) We are visiting a dear, old friend from college while in CA, and I get to meet her son for the first time! While I'm sad Jackson won't get to meet his new buddy, Grant, I am thrilled to be "those" people who don't have their own child and just get to enjoy a borrowed one!

4a) I have FOUR books packed and I know that I will have all the time I want on the plane to alternate between them and some "quality" magazines... ;)

Don't get me wrong, I will miss Jackson like crazy, but this is such a great opportunity for Josh and I just to get away and enjoy each other while Jackson is in very good hands :)

***The pictures at the top are from our honeymoon trip to San Francisco in June of 2004 :)


mom said...

Yes, Jackson and I are having a great time -- he's a very entertaining pal! It was embarrassing, however, that "an almost two year old" had to lead me out of the woods while riding in his stroller! Also, I will never EVER make fun of people not being able to figure out remote controls for TVs -- I have forsaken actual TV so that I don't screw up the technology and lose connection with the DVR or DVD gods for Jackson's entertainment. Times are certainly different, but awesome as a grandma! xo mimi

lovedlikethechurch said...

Just got a chance to read this! Have such a wonderful, amazing time!!! You will love every minute, I am sure!! :)