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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Fears Are Qualmed

Yesterday Momo wore socks. It gives him a more complete look, dontcha think? :)
Here is a close up of the socks. They happen to match Mr. Jackson's...

Just a little while ago, Momo got a diaper.

Hugs for Momo!

Kisses for Momo!

Ever since we found out we were having a boy, I have had random worries about things I want boys to like doing. I have peppered Josh with questions as to whether boys like to do certain things too. Off the top of my head, my worries have included: coloring, reading Charlotte's Web, doing art projects, cooking/baking, and playing house. Just recently Jackson has really gotten into pretending with his Little People and Momo. It is super cute to watch! Today before lunch, I told Jackson I was going to change his diaper, and he ran to get Momo, laid Momo on the couch, and waited for me to give Momo a diaper. It was really cute to see what a big smile he had when I started to put a diaper on Momo! Momo is not only well-diapered and clothed, but Jackson makes sure to "share" some of his milk and snacks with him too :)


Miss Mommy said...

I love the owls on the blog!!

By the way, you asked me about some of our tips for eating and I posted them today. Thanks for the idea!

Sarah said...

What cute pictures. And Momo looks fab with the socks. ;)

mom said...

I'm sure glad that fall has arrived so Momo's monkey toes will be covered up! xo mimi