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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby! (Not Ours!)

Jackson LOVES babies these days :) It is really sweet! We really feel as if we are one of two or three other couples NOT pregnant with our second (or third!) baby! It's amazing all of the stages of life: first you hear about your friend's new boyfriend or girlfriend. Then you hear about an engagement. Then you hear about pregnancy! Then there is a second pregnancy, and a third... Time is FLYING! When did we all become grown-ups??? Anyways, Jackson has been super cute with my pregnant friends and some of the new babies.

A girlfriend that I actually knew from Evanston moved here with her husband, and they had a baby girl this summer. Jackson has come with me to visit Rebecca and Baby Eloise a few times. Most recently we met at the Natonal Zoo and Jackson liked peeking in on Eloise :)

When we were in Virginia Beach with the Buerstattes, Jackson started to notice Brandi's pregnant tummy. Then, we hung out with the Bascoms (barely 24 hours before Baby Brodie made his arrival!), and Jackson pointed to Sarah's belly and said, "Baby!" He did take it a step further and point to my belly and say, "Baby!" I quickly corrected him that there's no baby here! LOL Jackson made a big sister card for Maddie at the beginning of the week and a picture for Baby Brodie. He went around all day saying, "Baby!" SOOO cute!

I got to go meet Mr. Brodie yesterday, but Jackson will have to wait until after Thanksgiving :)

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rm said...

We're so honored to be featured in Smith Stories! And we had a blast at the zoo, too!