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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun Facts About Our Two-Year Old Bug...

THIS is the face of a little boy who has just realized there will be paving work done on our street RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS HOUSE for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! Holy big machinery, Batman!

In more general news, here is what Jackson is up to:
**He loves to have Momo "do" things (give treats to Pax, clap, shake hands, help him up off of the floor, drink coffee, and happy with his cup (this is our equivalent of "Cheers!" before drinking))
***Whenever he knows he isn't supposed to do something, he yells a very convincing, "No!' (He still does the thing anyways...)
***Jackson went on a bib strike a while ago. It wasn't such a big deal until he started liking peanut butter on various things. Peanut butter is just messy! I was doing so much extra laundry because Jackson needed changes of clothes more often during the day! I decided to embrace his love of Elmo and buy a pack of Elmo bibs at Target. Worked like a charm :)
***Jackson LOVES eating things out of little bowls! Not sure why, but he likes his banana sliced up and served in a tiny condiment bowl in the mornings. He likes pretty much any fruit in a little bowl during the day.
***Jackson is obsessed with cats right now! We have some very nice, new neighbors two houses down. They have a bright white cat that loves to lie on the back of the sofa in the front window. Jackson can spot her from the car when we pull up to our house, and he immediately says, "Meow!" When he wakes up in the morning or from his nap, he either asks for Elmo or the meow. I have no idea where this came from since we are definitely dog people... However, this is a great incentive for getting his shoes and jacket on in a timely fashion when we are headed somewhere!
***Jackson also really likes babies! We were at a friend's house and she was watching a friend's baby girl. Jackson LOVED her! He will happily exclaim, "Baayybeee!" when we see one in a store or at a friend's.

Jackson has many more words now and is stringing them into sentences on a more frequent basis.
***One of his first consistent sentences was probably, "I want something else," when eating.
***He also says, "I want Jack (or Wonder Pets)," when choosing a show.
***He has broken out with, "I love you, Mommy," and "I love you, Dada!"
***He has great manners and will usually say, "Please," "Thank youuuu," and "Thank youuu, Mommy!" without prompting.
***We have the following conversation about ten times a day:
Jackson: Mimi?
Mommy: Mimi is in Evanston.
Jackson: Bampa?
Mommy: Bampa is in Evanston with Mimi.
***Just yesterday, Jackson started talking in the car, "I love you, Mimi! I love you, Bampa!" THAT never gets old :)
***"Good boy, Pax," is another popular phrase these days.

I really love this little guy! We have been having some really fun days! We are also getting in the groove of a new schedule now that I am officially a stay at home mom with just Jackson :) We are enjoying our days together full of playdates, library outings, walks, and other fun things!

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mom said...

Can't wait to share our truck activites (refuse, recycling, mail, FedEx, UPS) with Jackson, Momo & Paxie! xo mimi