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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Momo: Lost & Found!

Jackson and I had had a lovely day: a playdate with Susie and Rachel this morning and a walk this afternoon with Katherine, Colin, and Liam. The weather was beautiful today, and we were just enjoying our walk through the woods. Well, Jackson wasn't quite enjoying the scenery to it's full extent, and kept tossing things out of the stroller: his snack trap, cup, and Momo. We had just given him back Momo, and tucked him into the seat with him, when all of a sudden Jackson started "chattering" a lot. Katherine finally realized he was missing a shoe. Well, not the end of the world. But, a few minutes later we realized Momo was MISSING!!! This is a moment I've been dreading, folks... So, we immediately turned around (of course we were about as far into the woods as we ever walk, so we had lots of ground to cover), and started searching. We found the shoe pretty quickly, but no Momo :( We asked a couple of people heading towards us if they had seen a stuffed monkey. No one had seen him. We did ask them to just sit him on the side of the path if they did find him. So, we made it all the way home without Momo, I dropped off Pax, sent Katherine home, and then headed back into the woods with Jackson to look again. I was nervous about it getting dark before we finished searching! I was really getting nervous we wouldn't find him (he is the exact same color of the leaves), when I hard someone running behind us. I wasn't planning to ask this guy if he had seen Momo since he was coming from the same direction we just were walking from, but then I realized HE HAD MOMO!!! I have no idea where he found him, I'm just glad to have him back! I kept thanking him, and didn't quite know how to let him know how much I appreciated him returning our beloved friend. I wondered if it would be weird if I hugged him... (I didn't--don't worry!) I did let him know his shoelace was untied... ;) So, we made it back home, and Jackson and Momo are relaxing with a little "Elmo" before dinner. What an afternoon!

BFFs reunited!



Momo is very lucky to have had so many people worried about him while he was missing: Katherine, Colin, Liam, Mimi, and Daddy were all thinking happy thoughts! They paid off :)

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